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Tuuci® Ocean Master Max Square Cantilever Umbrella – Polished Aluminum

Tuuci® Ocean Master Max Square Cantilever Umbrella – Polished Aluminum

10' Tuuci® Ocean Master Max Cantilever Square Polished Titanium Umbrella

Kragschirme are basically offset umbrellas. In general, the cantilever shield may have a cover that is supported using a carrier that has a gentle curve, including a little extra design. These umbrellas can be bought on a freestanding basis, so you can put them up anywhere in your yard.

Because the foundation must support the umbrella, it is almost always very heavy, and many designs require weight loads added to the base to further reduce the possibility of the umbrella tipping over. Because of this, you probably will not switch from time to time to the umbrella

Many shapes and sizes to choose from

The sizes and shapes of most of these umbrellas differ, and so does the price. The size range of these umbrellas starts at 9 to 13 feet in diameter. When choosing your own Kragschirms pay attention to the materials used. Some use bedding, others are made of polyester, which is less expensive.

Most umbrella designs are heavy and sturdy enough to withstand windy weather. A screen that is certainly self-supporting offers a space-saving design that can protect you from the sizzling sunlight and keep you dry when it's drizzling. They give a place of leisure and loneliness. The umbrella creates a shelter through the components for fun outdoors.

Cheap cantilever chairs

Similar to other umbrellas, the size of the cantilever screen is probably the most significant cost factor. The cheapest Krag umbrellas can be purchased for under $ 100. The quality of the umbrellas, however, involves risks.

Affordable umbrellas

These are usually only a little more expensive and cost about $ 300. As a rule, this cost increase also increases the quality, which means that these screens are usually a much better investment.

Expensive umbrellas

Most expensive Kragschirme are usually bought for industrial use, because they are out of reach due to the price for the owner. And they are expensive, often over $ 500 or maybe over $ 1000.


Regardless of how much you want to pay for your umbrella, it's usually a smart idea to catch up with the opinions of other consumers who may have already purchased the design you're looking for. This is the easiest way to check if the umbrella has the manufacturer's promised quality