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How to Add Outdoor Rope Lights to a Deck Railing

How to Add Outdoor Rope Lights to a Deck Railing

I transitioned the outdoor rope lights from the deck railing to the stairs.

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space, then you know the meaning of the deck lighting. They not only provide lighting, but also enhance your appearance outdoors. There are different types of these lights from which you can choose. Each design gives your outdoor area a different effect. It is therefore important that you consider the deck design.

The different types include;

  1. The recessed lights

These are the types of ceiling lights that are installed in a lower room and produce upward light. You can install the lights in different places in the house, eg. Decking, paving stone and also the seating areas. The idea is that you install in a place where they emit a lot of light. These lights vary in size and style.

The pros and cons of these lights


  • They only shine
  • They are ideal for low ceilings
  • They are perennial; They never go out of fashion


  • They only cover a small area, which is why you need many of them to illuminate the entire deck
  • You can not isolate them
  1. accent lighting

In contrast to the recessed luminaires, these luminaires emit light downwards. They will illuminate a large area. However, they are useful if you want to highlight a specific area in the deck, such as a tree or a statue. You can still use them as decoration when you buy the colored lamps.

The advantages

  • The different designs help you to emphasize the beauty of your landscape
  • They ensure safety
  • Helps you to improve the appearance of different areas such as pool or well.
  1. solar lights

Enhance the beauty of your deck with these solar deck lights. They are available in different versions from which you can choose. They come with a small solar panel.

The advantages

  • They are powered by the sun
  • They do not require cabling and are therefore easy to install
  • They are inexpensive compared to other lighting concepts.